Live courses

Public lectures: (only in Czech)

Currently no public lectures are scheduled.

12.1.2019 Moxibustion
9.-10.2.2019 Auriculotherapy
23.-24.3.2019 Chinese medicine dietetics - basic


Public courses: (only in Czech)

Currenty no public courses are scheduled. Now I enjoy my free weekend time, my family and I study and think of new courses content. I you are interested in my courses, I can schedule these courses during autumn and spring:

Moxibustion (more)

Auriculotherapy (more)

Diet according to traditional chinese principles (more)

Pulse and tongue diagnostics (more)


Then you can find new terms here and on my facebook profile.


School of Traditional Chinese Medicine Brno (2-years course):  (only in Czech)

I have finished my cooperation with this school thus I will perform no lectures in this school in 2017/2018 school year.