MURD Urikova    Welcome. My name is Petra Uríková. I am advisor and trainer of (not only) Traditional Chinese Medicine and self-healing. I'm also a mom of two children. As I wished to have more time for my family, I decided to change the form of my work. I do not need to meet personally with each of you to be able to help improve your health. I can be your guide on the way to own health through online courses on this website. I will help you learn to sense your body and care for it to maintain the good health and well-being. I will introduce you the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as other ones, which are suitable to maintain your health and for overall personal development. However, you often need more than just a healthy body to feel completely healthy. Besides me, the courses will be led by other trainers and therapists. I look forward to meeting you here.

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