Where to pierce an earring to children ear?

Where to pierce an earring to children ear?

Are you thinking about piercing an earring to your child? What if the earring can affect your child (´s health)?

Where to pierce an earring to children ear?

Where shall we place the baby earring?

Since I practice also auriculotherapy, among other methods, I am often asked one question: "Doctor, could you mark us the place on the ear where should we place an earring so that we do not damage any important point?" I'll try to answer it, although I do not know whether you will be pleased with my answer.

But first, let me say few words about the auriculotherapy, so that you know what my answer is based on. Auriculotherapy is a diagnostic and therapeutic method, which searches and affects active points on the ear lobe. Active point is a point that is painful on palpation and thus indicates a current problem in a tissue or organ. If we know where the individual body parts are displayed on the ear, we can just pick up a probe, find painful points and we immediately see where there is a problem in the body. Subsequently, these points can be treated for example by sticking of magnetic beads or by injecting a needle (acupuncturists only).

In other words, our ear works as a display that shows us what is wrong in our body right now. Determining the right place for earring thus seems like a simple matter – I look over the earlobe and place the earring where nothing hurts. Where nothing hurts, there is no point. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. This way you would be wrong.

If you have read carefully, you know that painful point illustrates the problem, which is taking place in a given tissue right now. If there's no problem, the point does not hurt. So if you search through the earlobe and do not find any painful point, it does not mean that no tissue or organ is projected on the lobe. It just means that these tissues are healthy at the moment. When the problem is not present, the point on the ear does not hurt.

And now a little more specifically. The picture shows how the whole person projects on the ear. We show it as an embryo, which is head-down as in utero. This representation corresponds to map of individual organs and tissues on the ear. You can see that the whole head is projected onto the lobe, where earrings are pricked in children. It is therefore the body part that is in danger.

The next picture will show the specific points that can be influenced with a hole with an earring:


The most commonly affected points:

Eye – It affects the entire eye and its function. In my practice I have experienced cases where change in materials used or removing of earrings significantly relieved the patient with eye problems.

Sensorial point – It has a powerful painkilling effect, but could also have the opposite effects upon stimulation.

The KW7 point – teeth hypersensitivity – It relieves toothache, but could also have the opposite effects upon stimulation.


There are also the following zones near the lobe:

Cortex praefrontalis – Psychic zone, normally used as anti-stress. It also includes the zone of anxiety and fear and zone of worries and grief. These emotions are relieved by alleviating, conversely irritation could promote them.

Auditory and visual zone – These areas include the projection of hearing and optic nerve and the relevant centres in the brain.

Zone of n.V. = nervus trigeminus – trigeminal neuralgia area. Trigeminal nerve or nervus trigeminus is a nerve that transmits sensitivity and pain from the face, nasal and oral cavities, teeth and also innervates the masticatory muscles. Damping of points in this zone can greatly relieve pain in these areas, irritation could in turn cause pain.


In the case of earrings, silver should act as sedation, while gold can cause irritation. Also the use of two different metals in the ear can have a big effect (e.g. gold and silver in one ear if someone has pierced 2 holes). It is said that small electrical potentials, which affect the points between two earrings, arise between dissimilar metals.


So what is the conclusion?

It is probable that the hole and the earring affect the given area of the ear and thus an organ or tissue, which is reflected at that point of the ear. It is pointless to try sensitiveness of the points on the lobe, because it does not mean that a point, which does not hurt, is not there. There is just not a problem there. Using the image, you can therefore choose such place, where there is no important point drawn.

But be careful, the fact that it is not drawn there does not mean it is not there as well. It is just not described. We do not know what is reflected on the given part of the ear yet, just as modern western medicine still does not know the function of most of the parts of the brain.


PS: Most of us have earrings and we are alive are healthy and we are doing well. Well, and if you are not, take a look in the mirror, where your earrings are. Are they on the eye point in case of problems with vision? Or sensorial point in case of hypersensitivity? Or psychological area? I consider holes and earrings as one of the influences that affect our health. Certainly not the most important, but still an influence. So consider whether you want to influence your children this way.

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