About me

When I was 17 years old, I heard about Chinese medicine for the first time, and I had the feeling that this was exactly what I wanted to do. But I did not find a school, where I could learn it. So I realized that I had to graduate from "our" Western medicine first and then I could go to Sydney, where there was a school of traditional Chinese medicine, if there was no other possibility.

Finally, I did not have to travel so far. In the second year of my medical studies, I met MUDr. Doris Danielová on my journey. She was just opening a school of traditional Chinese medicine in Brno and therefore I began attending it immediately. What's more, the doctor was kind enough to let me learn directly at her private practice. When she decided only to lecture after some time, her patients passed to my care. Meanwhile, I finished my medical school and I started to work straight away as therapist (and trainer) of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Wherever I consider it right, I complement this treatment with the SIAB method and Bach flower remedies. Moreover, food according to traditional Chinese principles is my hobby. 



2000-2006 Gymnázium Olomouc Hejčín - English section

2003-2011 Philosophy School of New Acropolis

2006-2013 General medicine, Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University

2008-2010 Traditional Chinese Medicine, MUDr. Doris Danielová, Massage School of Mgr. Roman Šimáček in Brno

2009 Acupuncture course for doctors, NCONZO Brno (medical education centre)

2009 Bach flower remedies, Mgr. Lenka Samková, New Acropolis Prague

2009-2011 Internship in surgery of MUDr. Doris Danielová

2010 Course of Tuina, David Wei, Massage School Brno

2015 Tai Chi for beginners, Jana Šedivá, Brno

2016 Pulse diagnosis, Dušan Tomek, Brno

2017 Chinese ear acupuncture II, MUDr. Michal Strnad, Hradec Králové

2018 Hormonal yoga, Magda Semelova, Vsetín

2018 International Advanced Training Course in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Development of TCM in clinical practice and research, Beijing, China



2009-2011 within the internship in private practice of MUDr. Doris Danielová

Since 2010 independent practice


Lecturing activities:

For the Massage School of Mgr. Roman Šimáček:

2011 Traditional Chinese Medicine, some of the topics of the two-year course

2011-2017 Anatomy and physiology for students of Traditional Chinese Medicine at TCM Institute Brno

2010, 2015-2017 Moxibustion

2012-2017 Cupping therapy

2012-2017 Diet according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

2014-2017 Auriculotherapy

2015 Meridians - acupuncture lines

2015-2017 Two-year study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM Institute Brno

Own courses (at the university campus in Brno-Bohunice):

2014-2015 Auriculotherapy

2014-2015 Cooking according to TCM

2015-2017 Pulse and tongue diagnosis for beginners

2015 Practice - therapeutic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Other lectures:

2014 Acupuncture course for doctors, NCONZO Brno, some of the topics

2015 Diet according to Traditional Chinese Medicine – public lecture, Confucius Academy, Palacký University Olomouc

2016 Traditional Chinese Medicine – public lecture, Local library Lukov

2016-2017 Teaching in the subject Complex Medicine and Traditional Medical Philosophies – Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacký University Olomouc, The University Hospital Olomouc